Harmony Castings

Upgrade to Quality at a Better Price

Harmony Castings brings a new dimension to aluminum casting with V-Process, which produces finer finishes and tighter, repeatable tolerances at a comparable or lower price for aerospace, energy, lighting, medical, military and transportation industries. We've been performing vacuum molded casting since the 1970s, which makes Harmony Castings the oldest, most dedicated V-Process caster in the world today. We also provide CAD/CAM/CAE project services; CNC machining, finishing, and subassembly; and more customer-centric services at our 25,000-square-foot facility in Harmony, Pa., north of Pittsburgh.

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Aerospace: Improved fatigue life Energy: Maximizes Productivity Lighting: Excellent thermal properties Medical: Rapid prototyping for testing Military: Exceeds MIL standards Transportation: Reduces machining

About Harmony Castings

Engineering Specialties in Casting

V-Process Casting is the most efficient way to produce castings of all sizes and shapes.

  • Zero Degree Draft
  • Thin Walls
  • Tight Tolerances
  • Unlimited Pattern Life
  • 150 RMS Finish

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Engineering Specialties in Casting

Innovations in materials and design and in manufacturing are key to competitiveness.

  • Excellence: Initial Inquiry > Delivery
  • Challenging Designs Become Reality
  • EDT in Product Development
  • Casting Design with Integrated Databases

See our Simulation Software in action

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