Our History

The Original is Still The Best
In 1979, Bill Willmont, Harmony Castings’ founder, purchased the rights to the V-Process (vacuum molded casting) from a Japanese concern as an addition to the company’s cadre of molding technologies. Today, Harmony Castings is the oldest, most dedicated V-Process caster in the world. In 1999, we became part of Ligon Industries family of aluminum casting companies, which allows us to invest continually in the most modern systems, provide a wider selection of services and offer better customer pricing. Our 33,000 square foot facility is completely automated and overseen by the best process people in the business. We provide CAD/CAM/CAE project services; CNC machining, finishing, and subassembly; and more customer-centric design and engineering services than most casting suppliers. Harmony Castings is an AS9100C/EN 9100:2009/JISQ 9100:2009 registered company.

Harmony Castings’ project engineers and sales reps work with your engineers to offer seamless coordination from start to finish – pattern to part takes about two to three weeks. Harmony Casting uses electronic data transfer (EDT) to expedite product development. And because we cast and finish, we can get to the final finished part faster and with optimal results. Patterns have unlimited life and are guaranteed forever; and future pattern changes can be easily made.

We’re located in the historically significant town of Harmony, Pa., just 30 miles north of Pittsburgh. Our large North American network of sales reps can have a quote to you within three days and are always eager to ask “How can I help you?”

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