Discovering Our Story

Harmony Castings is the oldest, most dedicated V-Process caster in the world. Founded by Bill Willmont in 1979, Harmony Castings acquired the rights to the innovative V-Process (vacuum molded casting) from a prominent Japanese entity. Joining the esteemed Ligon Industries family of aluminum casting companies in 1999 marked a significant milestone, empowering us to continually invest in cutting-edge systems, broaden service offerings, and enhance customer pricing. Collaboration lies at the heart of our approach, with Harmony Castings’ project engineers and sales representatives seamlessly coordinating with client engineers from conception to completion. Our streamlined process ensures a swift turnaround, with the journey from pattern to part typically spanning three to four weeks.

We’re located in the historical town of Harmony, PA, just 30 miles north of Pittsburgh. Our state-of-the-art facility operates with full automation and is staffed by industry-leading process professionals. We specialize in CAD/CAM/CAE project services, CNC machining, finishing, subassembly, and provide an extensive array of customer-centric design and engineering services, setting us apart from other casting suppliers. Harmony Castings maintains registration as an AS9100:2016 and ISO9001:2015 complaint company, ensuring stringent quality standards. Additionally, our commitment to quality extends to our patterns; the RenShape portion of a pattern is guaranteed for the duration of the project, with easy accommodation for future pattern adjustments or revisions.

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