Power Electronics

With the ability to produce castings with zero draft, thin walls and a good surface finish, Harmony is an active supplier to the electric / hybrid vehicle market and the battery industry. Engineers can take advantage of these benefits to design enclosures and housings that are lighter and more compact. Since patterns only take two weeks to build, first articles are supplied in 3-4 weeks providing customers with the opportunity to quickly enter the market. Patterns are built from a polyurethane-based material so, revisions, which are often needed for new product designs, are quick and inexpensive. The process is repeatable and tolerances are consistent because the patterns do not experience wear and last forever.

Typical Applications

  • Motor Controller Enclosures
  • Battery Disconnect Units
  • Inverter Housings
  • Battery Enclosures
  • PCB Housings
  • DC-DC Converter

Key Features and Benefits

  • 150 RMS Finish
  • Unlimited Pattern Life
  • Quick Pattern Revisions
  • Speed to Market
  • Excellent Casting Integrity
  • Zero Degree Draft
  • Tight Tolerances
  • Thin Walls

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